This is a teaser for Al Rio's "How To Draw" DVD video.
Please note: This video will not be commercially released. There are some issues with sound quality, clarity of the pencil portions of his sketches and some of the English translation.
If you would like to buy a DVD copy for $15 + shipping, please email Terry.

It runs a little over 30 minutes.
It's NOT a pro quality manufacturers copy. It's a one-off on my DVD burner.
I don't have nice DVD cases for them - they just come in a jewel case.
But I will include cover art.

$15. plus Shipping costs below.

For me - it's worth it.
Just to get to see how he draws is incredible.
I wish you could see the pencils better.

If you understand Portuguese, it's better.

Shipping via First Class or Airmail.

I can take PayPal to, any major credit card, money order, check or cash.


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